Former Students

The expertise and unique skills that materials students acquire during their Ph.D. studies allow them to be employed by numerous companies. Those who have decided to go into academia have found great post-docs and faculty positions.

Former Students of Materials Chemistry Program 

Name  Graduating Year Group Post UW-Madison
Glen B. Thomas Masters 2012 Mahesh K. Mahanthappa  
Rachel Selinsky Ph.D. 2012 Song Jin  
Rose Ruther Ph.D. 2012 Bob Hamers  
Beau Monnot Masters 2010 Mahesh K. Mahanthappa Honeywell International, Inc.
Marylin Weiss Masters 2010 Mark Ediger -
Elizabeth Landis Ph.D. 2010 Bob Hamers Post doc. Harvard University 
Xiaoyu Wang Ph.D. 2010 Bob Hamers AkzoNobel
Jeannine Szczech Ph.D. 2010 Song Jin Lecturer UW-Madison
Matthew Bierman Ph.D. 2009 Song Jin Post doc. California Institute of Technology; Dow Chemical 
Divya Goel Ph.D. 2009 Bob Hamers Intel Corporation
Andrew Mangham Ph.D. 2009 Bob Hamers Post doc. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Heesuk Kim Ph.D. 2008 Bob Hamers Scientist, Korean Institute of Science and Technology
Bin Sun Ph.D. 2007 Bob Hamers Foley and Lardner LLP
Kiu-Yuen Tse Ph.D. 2007 Bob Hamers 3M
Kevin Metz Ph.D. 2007 Bob Hamers Assistant Professor Albion College
Sarah Baker Ph.D. 2006 Bob Hamers Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National laboratory
Tami Lasseter Clare Ph.D. 2005 Bob Hamers Assistant Professor Portland State University 
Wensha Yang Ph.D. 2005 Bob Hamers Instructor, Radiation Oncology, University of Virginia
Eve Hindin Masters 2005 Bob Hamers Student, UW Pharmacy School
Lian Fang Ph.D. 2003 Bob Hamers Scientist, Arkema Inc.
Mike Schwartz Ph.D. 2003 Bob Hamers Post Doc, University of Colorado at Boulder