Materials Chemistry Courses

There are two “tracks” of materials chemistry classes.  Students are required to take at least three graduate-level courses in materials. They include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Inorganic materials which includes Chemistry of Inorganic Materials (currently Chem 630-Hamers) and Chemistry of Nanoscale Materials (Chem 630-Jin).  Chemistry 630 “Special Topics” courses can be taken more than once for credit if they are on different subjects.  Many of these courses will involve reading and critically evaluating the primary scientific literature.
  • Soft materials, which includes Synthetic Macromolecular Chemistry (Chem 654-Mahanthappa), Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules (Chem 664-Ediger) or Electrical, Magnetic & Optical Properties of Molecular Materials (Chem 842-McMahon).
  • At least one out of each track must be taken and at least one other graduate-level materials course approved by the Materials Chemistry Program Chair and major advisor.

Below you will find the coursework that many of your fellow Material Chemistry students have taken. 

Course Description
CHEM 621 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 675 Chemistry of Inorganic Materials
CHEM 676 Chemistry of Nanoscale Materials
CHEM 641 Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM 654 Synthetic Macromolecular Chemistry
CHEM 664 Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules
CHEM 842 Electrical, Magnetic, and Optical Properties of Molecular Materials
CHEM 636 NMR Introduction & Training
CHEM 608 Symmetry, Bonding & Molecular Shapes 
CHEM 613 Crystallography
MSE 748 Structural Analysis of Materials
BME 510 Intro to Tissue Engineering 
CBE 525 Macromolecular hydrodynamics
PHYS 625 Optics
PHYS 551 Solid State Physics
MSE 448 Crytallography and X-ray Diffraction
MSE 456 Electronic, Optical & Magnetic Properties of Materials
CBE 540 Polymers
CBE 544 Processing of Electronic Materials 
ENG 570 Properties of Solid Surfaces
ECE 745 Solid State Electronics
MSE 803 Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
MSE 777 Surface Course

CHEM - Chemistry Department; MSE - Materials Science & Engineering; ENG - Engineering Department; CBE - Chemical & Biological Engineering; PHYS - Physics Department; ECE - Electrical & Computer Engineering; BME - Biomedical Engineering