Ph.D. Requirements

The doctoral requirements include a series of courses, a thesis background exam, an independent research proposal, and the final Ph.D. thesis. All requirements except for the Ph.D. thesis itself (including all departmental requirements and the Graduate School minor requirement) are expected to be fulfilled by the end of the third academic year (Sept-May) of graduate study, and the Ph.D. thesis is expected to be completed by the end of the 6th year.  Failure to meet these requirements on time will be considered unsatisfactory progress. Exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances, but only with permission of the Program faculty.

These are the path features of the Materials Chemistry Program.

1. Coursework.

For more information of the course work, click on the link.

2. Seminars. 

All students should attend the Materials Chemistry (which shares the time slot with Analytical) Seminar (Chem 920) every semester.

3. Second-Year Preliminary Examination on thesis project.

This consists of a written document and a talk describing research plans and progress to date plus an oral defense of the proposed thesis project. This Thesis Background Oral will occur by the end of Spring semester in the second year. For more detail information click on the link.

4. Third-year Original Research Proposal.

The topic should be outside the student’s primary research area. This component will consist of a written proposal in the style of an NSF proposal, followed by a seminar presentation and oral defense of the proposal before the Mentoring Committee. For detail information click on the link.

5. Regular meetings with the Mentoring Committee.

Each student will select a Mentoring Committee of three faculty members (research advisor plus two more) by the end their first year. At least one of the committee members must be a member of the Materials Chemistry Program. Meetings will be held as follows: (i) Preliminary Examination (2nd year), (ii) Original Research Proposal (3rd year), (iii) Thesis Planning Meeting (about 1 year prior to anticipated defense), and (iv) Thesis Defense.