The Materials Chemistry program is a unique blend of students with research backgrounds in organic, physical, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. We combine our knowledge into the understanding of materials from a chemical point of view.

For a list of Former Students of the Materials Chemistry program click here.

Current Students of the Materials Chemistry Program

Name Year Advisor Email
Gregory Eyer 2012 Trisha Andrew
Joseph Finocchiaro 2012 Kyoung-Shin Choi
Ankit Gujral 2012 Mark Ediger
Mimi Hang 2012 Bob Hamers
Donghyeon Kang 2012 Kyoung-Shin Choi
Megan Livingston 2012 Mahesh Mahanthappa
James Ng 2012 Randy Goldsmith
Elvin Morales 2012 John Moore
Laura Slaymaker 2012 Bob Hamers
Kristin Stafford 2012 Kyoung-Shin Choi
Minshan Tao 2012 Bob Hamers
Lichen Xiu 2012 Song Jin
Matthew Carter 2011 David M. Lynn
Wansoo Chang 2011 Mahesh Mahanthappa
Qi Ding 2011 Song Jin
Jaritza Gomez-Zayas 2011 Mark Ediger
Jodie Greene 2011 Shannon Stahl
Yiming Guo 2011 Danny Fredrickson
Nicholas Myllenbeck 2011 Trisha Andrew
Michael Tylinski 2011 Mark D. Ediger
Linghong Zhang 2011 Bob Hamers
Kelly Christison 2010 Mark Ediger
Caroline English 2010 Bob Hamers
Audrey Forticaux 2010 Song Jin
Salih Hacialioglu 2010 Song Jin
Linsen (Nelson) Li 2010 Song Jin
Dominic Perroni 2010 Mahesh Mahanthappa
Rebecca Putans 2010 Bob Hamers
Frank Speetjens 2010 Mahesh Mahanthappa
Jamie Wheeler 2010 Bob Hamers
Di Zhu 2010 Bob Hamers
Miguel Caban-Acevedo 2009 Song Jin
Mathew Faber 2009 Song Jin
Fei Meng 2009 Song Jin
Adam Schmitt 2009 Mahesh Mahanthappa
Patrick Sims 2009 Danny Fredrickson
Ben Bending 2008 Mark Ediger
Michelle Cooperrider 2008 Bob Hamers
Milton H. Repollet-Pedrosa 2008 Mahesh Mahanthappa
Courtney Stavis 2008 Bob Hamers
Fei Wang 2008 Xudong Wang
Yi Zheng Tan 2007 Bob Hamers
Lei Zhu 2005 Lian Yu